Warning: Don’t Waste Any More of Your Gaming Time Until You Read This

Time is valuable to you, am I right? You may dream about spending it perfectly with a board game. Nothing can go wrong with that, can it? The reality has often different plans. What can you do to make your play time enjoyable? How to protect yourself from unexpected situations? From ruining your fantasy about perfect gaming night?

Game Plan

Planning makes things easy. Are you shocked? You probably already know, which game you are going to put on the table. Is there anything that you are going to need? Should you skim through the rules or read them anew?
Everything is much easier, if you make use of all your spare moments. Keep stuff, that you need handy. Maybe download a pdf version of a rulebook to your phone, so you can read it in a train? Keep it in your desk or in a bed table so you can skim it multiple times.

Pearls and nuggets of wisdom – reviews

Don’t waste time playing games, which you don’t like. There are a lot of review sources in the Internet – Dice Tower, Shut up and Sit Down, Rahdo. BoardGameGeek ranking is a good place to go as well.
Reviews save you time making decisions too. They make all the dirty work for you.
Bookmark your top review sources to have insight.

Yet another cliché – learn rules by watching YouTube

Do you like to read rulebooks? Or would you rather listen to someone explaining them? Try out YouTube videos. Some games are complicated as making a Soufflé. Watch a video before reading a rulebook to get a good picture of gameplay. Information is more digestible this way.

Share the burden… I meant board game!

Why should you do all the hard work yourself? Your friends can read too. Delegation is one of the best inventions in business. It’s time to bring it to board gaming.
Send your friend a link to a YouTube video or give him a physical rulebook to read at home. Don’t try it with people, who aren’t into board games.
Do that and see them paying more attention when someone explains the rules. Once they’ve been in this dangerous place, they will understand how difficult it can be.

These are just a few tips, but they can move your gaming into the next level. Some may seem obvious, but it is difficult to get them right. Be creative and make the best use of your time. With preparation, your gaming nights can be much more enjoyable.

Do you have any time-saving tips for gaming nights? How do you learn rules? Do you use reviews before buying a board game? Let me know in the comment section.

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