Top 5 Board Games for a Coffee Table

Have you had your latte yet? Or maybe you are more of the tough type and prefer it without milk? Ready? Now grab one of your board games and relax. You deserve it.

I will help you choose a perfect game for all these evenings after work when you want to unwind. Oh, and the top 5 is at the bottom.

There is more. You can take some of your board games to your favourite coffee place!

What exactly should you consider, while choosing a game for a coffee table?

Coffee tables are small, aren’t they?

Remember this. Unfortunately, most games with a board will be eliminated, but you have a lot of card games to choose from!

It’s About Regaining Mental Energy

Pick easily-digested games. If you want to set up a board game on a coffee table, you do it because you want to relax on a sofa or watch TV at the same time. No mental lifting.

Slice of Playtime

Short games require less strategy and engagement. Do you remember how badly you wanted to relax? There’s a suggested playtime of 10 to 45 minutes.

Lighting-Fast Set Up Time

Do I need to tell you why you should choose games which are easy to take out of a box, so you can do them in 3 minutes? Less effort means more time to rest. Also, your coffee can’t get cold.

Good for 2 people

You aren’t that lazy, right? If you invited guests around, you want to have a full gaming night experience.

Top 5 Games for the coffee table:

Biblios – dynamic, a lot of going on at once. Illustrations are great. Abstract. Easy to teach. You take 1 card for your hand 3 times. Leave 1 to yourself. Give 1 to your opponent. Place 1 on the auction pile. It has a similar feel to many classic card games.

Agricola: All Creatures Big and Small – a compressed economic game. Send your workers to get materials for building stalls, stables, and other structures. We score points for multiplying our herd of cows, horses, sheep, and boars.

Karuba – this one is just a great puzzle. You place tiles with paths to lead your explorers to temples. Fabulous components. Playing it is like a ballet. It looks light but requires some effort (just the right amount).

Tides of time – well-put-together game, where you take one card and pass the rest to our opponent. He gives you his cards and you do it until there are no cards left. You do it to collect sets, which give you points.

Hanamikoji – Terrific, detailed illustrations, bursting with colours. You strategically allocate your gifts next to Geisha cards by choosing 1 out of 4 actions. You need to be clever with your choices because you often give some cards to your opponent.

Did you enjoy your coffee? Test some board games to see, if they are coffee-table-friendly. The time after work is a good opportunity to play, especially during a busy week, when you don’t have time for long gaming nights. Keep your picks near the coffee table and step up your game!

Do you play board games on your coffee table? What is your favourite coffee? How do you like to relax after work? Let me know in the comments section.

Fetured Image designed by rawpixel.com / Freepik

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