How to Play on Tabletopia?

You need to create an account here:


We recommend using Tabletopia on Steam and in Internet Explorer (not Microsoft Edge). We experienced various issues often with Mozilla and Chrome.

Download Tabletopia on Steam:


Once you have your account ready, you can play the game! Click the link below!

You must have a communication system. There is a lot of trading involved in Rusty Industry, which is why it is necessary to enjoy the game.

We recommend using Discord. You need a microphone to use it. You can download an app for desktop or use it in your browser.

You can register an account here:


To communicate, one person in a group needs to create a new server. It is a voice channel for all of you. It is easy to do and once you do it – you can use it again and again (If you got this link from someone, ask him, whether he did it already).


Once you create a server, you can invite your friends by sending them link by clicking an invite button on the top left part of the screen, copying the URL and sending it to them.

Problem with Tabletopia?


Problem with Discord?


Any other problems?

Contact us using the express contact form at the bottom of the page or click the speech bubble icon to start a chat.

You can read all the rules here:


Oh, don’t worry about it! Join our Facebook group. We organise plays and allow people to look for their opponents by inviting them to their games.

You can always contact us using the Contact Us form or click the speech bubble icon to start a chat.

We are delighted to hear that you are interested in game design. We’ve already finished working on mechanics, but you may use your own rules with your friends.

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