My 3 Favourite YouTube Channels about Board Games

YouTube is a sacred place for all board gamers. After traveling a long way through dry deserts of complex rules and sailing through seas full of deadly information, you can meet with the priests. The priests will fill your hungry belly with tasty reviews. Restore your hope with their expertise; they will show you way back, which will be easier to travel. Let’s meet with some of them.

Dice Tower (link)

Are you a new gamer? If so, you should go try some of their content, especially the video about their top 10 gateway games. Dice Tower uploads new stuff almost every day. With a ton of top 10 lists, regular segments like “Board Game Breakfast” and “Throat Punch Lunch” and a huge library of reviews, they are easily the number 1 content creator on YouTube.

Their videos are usually long, and they post them often. Be picky!

Tip: Skim video lists and add videos to your “Watch Later” lists. This way you watch only what you need. There is plenty of content out there and it may be impossible for you to keep up with everything.

There are 3 hosts of Dice Tower: Tom Vasel, Sam Healey and Zee Garcia. Each one of them has a very distinct and unique taste in board games. Because of that, during their reviews, they show different approaches. Thanks to their huge experience, you can trust their opinion and save a lot of time researching and money by avoiding miserable products.

Rahdo (link)

Richard Ham is a 40+-year-old video game designer, as you can read on his YouTube “about” page. I really like his content, because all his videos are full of energy.

What makes his videos special? He explains rules very precisely running through a game move after move. After I buy a new game, I usually watch one of Rahdo’s videos.

Doing that and just skimming rules usually does the trick.

There is one more detail, making his content unique: he usually plays with his wife, Jen. That’s why most of his recommendations are very useful if you are looking for a good 2-player game.

Shut Up and Sit Down (link)

Quinns, Matt and Paul – these 3 young gentlemen are very characteristic. Their content is unique – pretty much unlike anything, that I’ve seen on YouTube so far. SU&SD has a very distinctive sense of humour.

Their purposefully cheesy video effects made me instantly click the “Like” button multiple times.  I find them to be highly informative, with the right balance between showing off game components, talking through major advantages or the flows of a design and explaining rules.

They usually somehow manage to fit an essence of a game within 15 minutes. That’s an outstanding skill, making me watch their reviews as soon as they come out.

Welcome to the sacred land! Did you enjoy your stay? There is much more that you can discover yourself. You can spend hours digesting board game-related goodness. Feel on top of the news and make better decisions. All you need to do is to add YouTube to your board gaming routine!

What are your favourite YouTube channels? Are there any I should see? What makes a great YouTube channel for you? Let me know in the comments section.

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