What Everybody Ought to Know about Gaming Groups.

You told friends about board games, and they looked at you with pity? You don’t know enough people to play with? I’ve been there too. I have good news for you. If your answer to at least one question was “yes”, a gaming group should solve your problem.

Board game groups will save your life, if you are…

• a beginner without board game mentors around.
• a person whose friends despise board games.

You are not in the hobby to waste time, are you?

Well organised groups will often be your best bet. Your usual gaming buddies may have many plans and work at different times than you. Not a problem anymore – board game group meetings are mostly regular, even a couple of times per week. You need not worry about scheduling!
Have you had to explain the rules of each game and prepare before each session? Let someone else to do it for once. Life becomes much simpler, and you can focus on the thing that you wanted the most – the actual play.

Play more often. Play whatever you want to play.

Do you have terrible friends, who don’t want to play with you? Meet new people to choose from. Your chances of finding someone wanting to play the same game as you are further away from zero.

More games in the pool.

Board games can affect your budget. Spending less money makes your wallet happy and more communicative, when you ask him about a new shiny gadget. If you are a beginner, you can start even with no board game. Just check, whether this hobby is for you. You can try out titles you aren’t convinced with yet. Maybe you can exchange titles with others?

Only look for well organised groups

Only this way you won’t waste your time. Good contact with members. Friendliness for beginners. A well organised group will meet at certain times during the week.
It’s up to you, whether you want to play with your friends or join a gaming group. They can make you more experienced and a satisfied board gamer.

Hey, you looked puzzled at first! A vision of playing alone for the rest of your life is almost as scary as playing only one game for the rest of your life. Now you know, what you can do! Look for your group on Meetup, BoardGameGeek forum or Facebook. Trust me. It brings your gaming into the next level.

Do you have a problem with finding people for gaming? Do you have friends, who don’t want to hear about board games? Do you know about any other advantages or disadvantages of board game group? Let me know in the comment section.

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