Top 5 Board Games by Damian

There is something magical in top 5 lists, isn’t there? Every time I see any of these little crunchy sweets, I throw everything away and I dig in. Guess what? I have a taste and I can make my own top 5 list! Here it is!

1. Race for the Galaxy. Interplanetary Tycoon 101.

Is science fiction your thing? Do you want to play something quick and tense? Look no further. Race for the Galaxy will throw all SCI-FI bells and whistles at you.
Be careful though. This game has a very steep learning curve. There are many symbols and a lot of strange terminology to learn, but once you get it…
I’ve had more than 35 plays of Race so far, and it is still highly engaging for me. The science fiction theme, artwork, and density of gameplay are a deadly and addictive mix. So much strategy and possible decisions…

2. Summoner Wars. Throw Dice. Kill. Repeat.

Do you want to give orders to your army of fantasy creatures? This game will be perfect for you. Some people may say that Summoner Wars is too much luck oriented because of its dice-driven combat. I have nothing against luck; I think that it makes a game more realistic – “even chances” is an abstract term.
This game has a lot of variety – 16 factions, expansions, etc. You can even make your own deck! You suddenly become a strategy genius! Summoner Wars is also easy to teach, which means I can play it with almost everyone.

3. Seasons. Combo after combo. And then combo.

What’s better than comboing cards and dice chucking? Seasons constantly makes you feel great when you see how your cards interlink with each other.
It has one of the nicest artworks. Full of vivid colours and stunning illustrations. Have you seen the outsized and bursting with colours custom dice?

4. Small World. Cute Battles. Epic War.

Small World is a very simple-minded game, which you can teach effortlessly. For such a straightforward design, it is very thematic. You compete with other players to dominate the board.
I love the cartoony art of Small World.
You can play with countless types of creatures like Skeletons, Elves, Orcs or Skags from video game “Borderlands” (Spider’s Web expansion).

5. Neuroshima Hex. Into Postapocalyptic Battle Cage.

Neuroshima Hex is an example of a stylish design with a variety of gameplay. You deploy your units around a board trying to outnumber your opponent and to destroy his or her HQ. The trick: there isn’t much space for units.
This game is tactical. You feel like a commander on a very dense battlefield. Units with different abilities make every game unique. Post-apocalyptic artwork of Neuroshima universe is bloodthirsty. You are almost afraid of its unstable reality.

That’s it! My top 5. I hope you enjoyed reading it. Maybe I showed you a different viewpoint. I think you can find a pattern here and there between my picks. Great artwork and strong themes are my guesses for now.

Have you seen any interesting top lists lately? Do you know any games, that I should try? What are your favourite games? Do you like the games? Let me know in the comments section.

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