About Us

Joanna Kropacz


Our creative force. She did the illustrations and took photos for the blog and social media. Joanna did almost all artwork for Rusty Industry including graphic design.

Favourite food: Pizza

Damian Sulej

Game designer

This is me. I write all stuff on the blog and social media. You can also hear my voice on our YouTube videos. I designed Rusty Industry. I also did the character illustrations.

Favourite food: Cheesecake

We want the act of playing board games to be like riding a bike. You can subscribe to bike-related magazines. Do you need magazines about bike parts and sportspeople?  For some, these are very important. However, no. All you need is your bike. And sometimes a map. We want to give you both. A bike – a collection of games. And a map – all goodness making your life easy, the content.

As a game publisher, we will put in a lot of effort to serve you the best games that we can. We want you to be able to explain and learn rules fast and have loads of fun.

We want to educate you, give you tools to help you save time. That’s why we will post stuff regularly. We produce content on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and  YouTube.

We will give you bitesize content. Easy to digest. We want it to look great, so you can enjoy it more.

Topics will range from places to go for reviews to insight into elements making a good board game. This will help you make better purchasing decisions. You can just focus on playing board games. Board games, which you enjoy. Board games, which your friends want to play.

Most content will be useful for you. Hey, you may enjoy bike magazines, but you still need a map from time to time, right? Do I really need to encourage you? You probably read everything, that you can find anyway. Knock yourself out and share your valuable insight by commenting our stuff.

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