3 Types of Board Games You Should Know About

Are you feeling lost into the vast ocean of information about board games? You don’t know, where to start? You are in a good place!

There are 3 genres you need to know about: Euro, Ameritrash, and Party Games. Read about them to know which will be the most fun for you. Once you know more about this trio, you will have enough knowledge to begin your journey on discussion boards and other blogs. Are you ready? Let’s begin.

Euro games make your brain boil

Euro games give you a feeling of working on something huge. Like building a colossal castle or conquering the entire galactic sphere. Each action is a part of your supreme masterplan. Make sure that your opponents don’t buy all the flour. Flour will keep your workers fed. Happy workers can make two times more carpet. You score points for every carpet. Have the most of victory points to win the game. Win the game to make your friends hate you. Do you get the picture?

Components are abstract, like cubes or small wooden dudes (meeples). You can focus all your brainpower on delicious decision making. Shiny figurines and vivid illustrations can distract you. Less is more, I guess…

Euro games aren’t theme heavy. The focus here is on planning. They are here to make your neurons buzz until you sound like a swarm of furious wasps. Estimate, compute, decide, repeat. Did I make it sound ugly? It’s fun! Come on; you are responsible for entire tribes and galactic systems!

Pick one of these if you like complex puzzles, planning and economy.

Examples: Stone Age, Ticket to Ride, Terra Mystica

Ameritrash – experience a story

Do you like fighting ugly and furious monsters? Great adventures making your heart beating like a jackhammer? Juicy storytelling full of glory and defeat? Ameritrash welcomes you with shady grim and a rusty knife in a sleeve.

Brace yourself. Randomness has heard your footsteps. We both know how mad it is. It can send a herd of starving rats to eat you and your friends alive. It can make you wake up tomorrow. It can make you rich. Randomness is moody. The one thing is certain: it makes board games dramatic. You can hate dice, but they have a quest. They want you to be scared. Children like to be scared occasionally. Do you?

Examples: Descent: Journey to the Dark, Cosmic Encounter, Twilight Imperium

Party Games are silly fun

Sometimes you want to have fun. Have friends over. Some are not into board games. You are desperate for fun. You don’t want people to fell asleep, while you teach them the rules. How about a party game? You can play it in a group of 4 – 8 people. They are easy to understand.

Your guests laugh! They cheer! “(your name here)!” They love you! You are their star! Do you see how much fun they had because of your terrific idea of showing them this brilliant game?

Quick tip. I feel generous today. For some folks, “a party game” sounds better than “a board game”. You are welcome.

Examples: Times Up!, Dixit, Sheriff of Nottingham

Which category is the best? Neither. You will probably enjoy a mix of all. There are juicy and stinky board games in every category. Sometimes you want to run a Victorian factory. Sometimes you want to smash rattling skeletons. Sometimes you will have a… Party. Try out every kind to discover what works the best for you.

Now you are equipped with the essential knowledge. You can look up each genre in Google to extend it even more.

What is your favourite category? Do you have your favourite euro, ameritrash or party games? Are there any other genres, that I should mention? Let me know in the comment section.

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